Claims Service

You’re in good hands with RSA’s claims team.
At RSA, we recognize that every large commercial and multinational operation has unique, specialized requirements for claims management. That’s why we tailor our claims service for each large commercial client we serve.
We excel at the tripartite relationship between insurer, broker and customer, and we embed this philosophy into all our claims management practices. For each large account, we assemble our best people from both the frontlines and senior leadership teams dedicated to our partnerships with brokers and clients
Our objective is to deliver claims service of the highest quality, reinforced by claims relationship managers and our technical expertise. Our claims team and specialists are regularly exposed to large and complex claims, which ensures that we have the right technical expertise on every claim. Operationally, we have embedded a robust and efficient process for handling claims, and we completely own and control the claims process from start to finish.

Response Ready

In the event of a large loss, RSA is ready to act immediately to support our business partners in minimizing the loss’s impacts and navigating its complexities.
Through our dedicated team of experts, we are ready to handle large losses immediately with on-the-ground support. Our goal is to save clients time and money by getting their businesses up and running as quickly as possible—a goal that fuels our drive to seek creative solutions that minimize the effects of a loss. 

Key Service Commitments 

In Global Specialty Lines, we know that clients seek a customized approach to help meet their industry and business demands. Based on the needs of the client, we can:
  • Offer a single dedicated claims contact
  • Collaborate on all aspects of the claims process
  • Develop a schedule and approach to discuss claims, and adapt as necessary
  • Be flexible and adaptable when working with clients on claims
  • Offer RSA’s technical capabilities wherever they are needed 

Features and Benefits

Carefully selected external loss adjusters, legal firms and industry experts
An extensive network for pre-approved vendors and restoration partners
Ability and authority to handle large claims in Canada
Proven track record for responsiveness to large scale CAT events
Extensive experience in client service, accident investigation, claims settlement and negotiation
Multinational claims-servicing requirements are coordinated through an extensive global network of experienced claims handlers

How to report a claim

Claims phone line:
English: 1 800 319 9993
French: 1 800 873 2424

How do I place business with RSA?

Talk to us directly. Find your contact in our contact directory.

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